Virginia’s first lab school chosen

VCU has partnered with CodeRVA Regional High School for computer-science-based curriculum. Last year, Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia legislature created a pathway for private colleges and universities to open College Partnership Laboratory Schools, creating more opportunities for kids to learn. These lab schools not only bring practical education and experience to students, but they...

Richmond teachers union and school board continue to clash

Tensions rise as union members fight with school boards in teacher negotiations. The school year is already underway, but Richmond Education Association and the Richmond Public School Board are still working toward a full agreement, with frustration mounting on both sides.  Last year, Richmond became the first school district in the state to elect a...

Virginia is on the line in 2023

Virginia may be “on the verge of the death spiral that comes when government unions conquer a state,” writes John Tillman, the CEO of our parent organization. Living in Chicago, he’s seen it before, as he wrote in his recent piece for the Wall Street Journal “Glenn Youngkin’s Quest to Keep Virginia From Becoming Illinois.”...

Charter schools and the value of variety

By Jonathan Butcher
Today, more charter schools serve children living in cities than in rural areas, but this does not mean that all charter schools are the same. In fact, charter schools are different from one to another and can offer a variety of learning options. For example, the GreatHearts Academies, with locations in Arizona and Texas, focus...

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