Has your Virginia lawmaker signed the Students First Pledge?

Has your Virginia lawmaker signed the Students First Pledge?

Pledge signers commit to empowering parents, supporting educators and rejecting money from special interests that put politics over education.

Virginia Works created the Students First Pledge to make it easy for public officials to show their support for the next generation.

Students First Pledge signers vow to follow three simple commitments when voting in Richmond:

  1. Empower parents to choose the best education for their child
  2. Support educators with the resources they need to excel
  3. Reject funding from teachers unions or any other special interests that put politics above the needs of students

Sitting Virginia lawmakers and candidates for public office are eligible to sign the Pledge, regardless of party affiliation.

To read the full Pledge, click here. To find out who your lawmaker is, click here.

Pledge signers

  • Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock
  • State Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, R-Henrico
  • Delegate Emily Brewer, R-Smithfield
  • Delegate Will Morefield, R-Tazewell County
  • Delegate Amanda Batten, R-James City County
  • Delegate Kim Taylor, R-Dinwiddie
  • Glen Sturtevant, R-Midlothian (Candidate, Senate District 12)
  • Sheriff J. D. “Danny” Diggs, R-York (Candidate, Senate District 24)
  • Bill Woolf, R-Gainesville (Candidate, Senate District 30)
  • Ian Lovejoy, R-Manassas (Candidate, House District 22)
  • Riley Shaia, R-Henrico (Candidate, House District 58)
  • Paul Milde, R-Aquia (Candidate, House District 64)
  • David Owen, R-Henrico (Candidate, House District 57)
  • Baxter Ennis, R-Chesapeake (Candidate, House District 89)




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